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Booking should change the way of guests scoring!

We have received many overall scores that fail to capture guests' stay experience. We received very high scores for staff, location, comfort, wifi, cleanness, facilities, value for money, but the overall scores are much lower. For example, all detailed scores were 10, but the overall score was 8, or in one case (by accident) guess gave us all 10 for 7 criteria but overall was 1!. The overall score in these cases is completely naive/meaningless, but it is very bad for businesses (hosts). Every time we have this nonsense score it took us lots of time to talk it over with, some cases can be resolved but not all because needs confirmation from guests, but guests are often too busy to correct their mistakes. 

I strongly suggest change the way of computing overall scores (averaging detailed scores rather than taking overall scores from guests).

Yulia Savickiene 2 years ago

Absolutely agree! It's a big problem and I saw it just now. My guests also gave all 10, but the final score is 9! Meanwhile, the rating is fall down. All guests and hosts know the previous rating, when they book property!

Please, return all, like was before!

Warm regards


Studio Zuid 5 1 year ago

I also totally agree! It is really frustrating when my guest gives a 10 for all specific parts and a final score of 9 or even 8. I have been a partner of for over 11 years and I do my best to be a good partner. My rating went up to 9.6 and now with the new system my rating has already dropped to 9.5 and will continue to drop despite the higher scores for staff, location, comfort, cleannes and value for money. I don't understand the point of it.I hope change the way of computing overall scores like they did before (averaging detailed scores rather than taking overall scores from guests).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to inform guests about the rating system without influencing?

I also hope more partners will disclose this issue to

Thanks and have a great day!