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Booking,com attracts our most guests

Despite the few negative community-partner posts I have read here, Booking,com is bringing us the greatest number of guests to our Northern California mountain home's guestrooms.  I have no complaints.


My wife and I began renting our house's two unused guestrooms in June 2018.  We first registered them through Airbnb; but our rental bookings slowed in the winter months (November through March).


In March 2019, I also registered our two guestrooms on Booking,com, FlipKey and TripAdvisor.  Last month, I also registered our rental space on Expedia.


Since last March, 85% of our reservations have been through Booking,com.  Here is how these booking platforms are currently ranked for our guestroom reservations:

  • 1st:  Booking,com (85%)
  • 2nd:  Expedia (8%)
  • 3rd:  Airbnb (5%)
  • 4th:  TripAdvisor (2%)
  • 5th:  FlipKey (0%)


Expedia partners with several other booking platforms, including Hotels,com, Hotwire, VRBO, HomeAdvisor, Travelocity, Trivago, HomeAway, CitySearch and Trover.  This multi-platform crossover gives our rental property greater online visibility.


Booking,com airs the most USA television ads, compared to other online vacation reservation companies.  However, Airbnb only advertises online; but its ads are only targeted to attracting new Airbnb partners/hosts.


As hosts, how have other booking platforms worked for you in attracting new guests? 


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We seem to be going through a time of change. A year or more ago I would have agreed BDC was far ahead of the others.

More recently they have wained some and Expedia has more than taken up the slack along with direct bookings increasing massively.

Agoda's irksome behaviour has lead to them falling off the list percentage wise.

13 days ago

1. (+75%)

2. Direct bookings

3. AirBnB

4. Expedia  

12 days ago
Bandara Hotels…

For us this year we lose more than 50% of guest. I believe it because our world economic and exchange rate affect. While other agent are continue grow.

10 days ago

So far for me it has been:

BDC     90%

AirBnB  5%

Direct    5%

Trip Advisor 0%

However bookings have dropped at the moment, about the time I entered the "Preferred Partner" program so what few I'm getting I'm actually losing money due to commission.

5 days ago