Booking.com Closed 1 of our properties

we have been using boking.com for over 1 year. Quite Happy.

Booking.com gave us awards.

we have had 2 past guest experiences where we had third party bookers, and things went wrong.

booking.com closed 1 of our apartments without even phoning us and asking us to explain, they kept on sending us questions about "abuse" and who was the staff member - seem to be templated generated responses. we have asked the specialist team to contact us >10 times. No phone calls.

they stated 2 guests complained  - no evidence has been provided to us.

the first guest was 1 yaer ago and she was a third party booker we realised after the guest had arrived, and the booker refused ti pay for the gusts damage to the apartment. this includes getting a lock smith in to unlock an internal door, and not cleaned when left, etc

the 2nd booker left notes on the guest review that she ran out of toilet paper and coffee etc, the guest  did not ask us for more. we asked the guest to make the review more accurate, we are a SELF CONTAINED apartment - the guests knewsthat, the supermarket is accross the road. teh guest did not do house cleaning when she left, and we reported this as misconduct, Booking.com wont listen. we questioned how could the guest use 1600 prices of toliet paper - 4 ppl- in 4 days when they were actually playing tennis away each day.  the guest had her son call booking.com (who did not stay with us)  and made some complaints.

at this point of time booking.com wont re-open our property, in fact, the one they closed was NOT the one that the guest stayed in. 

  we asked booking.com to explain why it is closed on the phone to us.  We have had no phone calls.

6 weeks now...

I think hosts have the right to stick up for themselves when the guest tell lies and make up stories.

  Cant we have a phone call, sort out out, and all move on..?

seems very strange to me.  suggestions required.

Ian Numurkah Victoria Australia

Ian at Numurka…

We also sent a nice message to the guest, saying that sh may have misunderstood things - and we welcomed her back. The guest wont talk to us.