Is Booking.com Connection with trivago

Is Booking.com connected  with trivago

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

As far as I know Trivago is just a platform where you can load availability, just like Booking.com.

Perhaps some of the partners will know better but I couldn't find a connection.

Why do you ask though?


Trivago is first and foremost a comparison site, using links to your OTAs for customers to follow.

They have a very poor reputation, deservedly so (google it), and have more recently started their own listings.

IMHO they are a major PITA, always listing incorrect data and taking an extremely long time to action changes that have been requested, if at all. When I was asked to list directly I gave them short shrift.

My experience with them is summarised by an endless list of Anglo-Saxon expletives.