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2 customer service rep refusing to exclude Occupancy Tax from my price

I exclude occupancy tax in my listings, which our government requires, from the listing price, as I wish to keep it separate and do not want te be charged commission nor income tax on it.

Well all of a sudden, some ***, from the Partner Support Team service decided :

"As per the first request, please kindly be advised, that unfortunately, we cannot exclude the Tourist and Occupancy tax, as it is required and based on the local law services."

She insists, even though the site clearly says:

"… Depending on how you choose to set it up (or if you ask our Accommodation Services team to set it up), city tax can be displayed as either included or excluded in the price guests see during the booking process."

They keep messing up my listings, and there is no way I can get things right. The service for Macedonia is in another country, in Bulgaria, and it is an expensive roaming call to reach them. And then when you talk to them they again mess things up and waste tons of my time trying to correct their errors, not to menione the income I lose as a result of faulty bookings or lack of. 

How do you work with the Partner Support Team and get something done right?


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BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi Sirma


No matter what way  you cut it, you are going to have to make the phone call.


Think of it as the cost of the phone call versus the booking income you are loosing out on until you do so.


ITs either that or move to another OTA.


Also the finiance team is separate and have their own contact details under Extranet > Finance>…


Kind Regards


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