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2 discounting my rooms.

How do I stop discounting my rooms.  Firstly I don't want them discounted and secondly they did not inform me they had done this.  I phoned and the girl from Singapore said she had stopped it - she hasn't.  Help and suggestions please.

Jo Wales

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BrookAve 1 year ago

It's not Bdc discounting it. It's your settings under :


1. Promotion section

2. Genius is enabled 

3. Mobile users under Promotions enabled.


You can easily disable all of this yourself.

Clive Witley 4 months ago

Hi - That's not correct.


At least not now and not in the UK


This I received from BdC earlier today on exactly the same topic:


"The reduced price you see is a part of our sponsored program that helps to drive additional bookings at no cost to the partner (you) and shows a lower rate to customers for higher conversions. If you hover over the "i" icon near the lowered price, you will notice that pays to the partner the full price, while the guests pay the lower price. Our program increases visibility, enables the partner to be more competitive on the market, it increases revenue by receiving more bookings thanks to this cheaper rate in the search results. Furthermore, it increases occupancy and length of stay. We regret to inform you that it is not possible to opt out of this program, however we hope you will soon see its benefits. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us We are here for you."

A few points here:

a) I don't need to be more competitive. I was 100% booked last summer, so why reduce prices in June/July/August/ September???- it makes us look desperate.

b) It would appear that not all Hotels are subject to the same programme. Other hotels in my area are NOT part of the programme, yet having just spoken to BdC it would appear there is nothing that I can do to come out of this "programme"

c) If are desperate to give money away, then they can always reduce the amount that they charge me from 15% to 5%.

d) The ONLY reason that I can see that BdC would reduce prices in the "main season" is to try to ensure that we do not take direct bookings with customers and all the money is filtered straight into BdC. I could be wrong of course, but I cant think of any other motive.

I wasn't asked and I should be able to decide whether or not my hotels are discounted or not, particularly when other accommodation providers in the same town clearly are not in the same programme.