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1 Error? Room Capacity

Hello everyone! I have been having this issue for few months.

I have set my room detail's capacity to maximum 2 person.

But guest booking via shows that my room sleeps maximum 1 person only?

How do I fix this or how do I contact to fix this? Please advise, thank you.

Leandri Klopper

Hello there,

O boy, sorry to hear that!

Okay the first point of contact is via your Inbox. So when you're logged in, go to Inbox -> messages. You can send them a message there, or ask them to phone you via that message.

But I suggest phoning them. You can use this link: contact one of our main lines or using this thread: Where you can reach us

Hope this helps! Best of luck.

M Adamopoulou

Have you checked that you saved your options because sometimes saving is not working.
Wish you good luck Info and give us feedback if possible.


Yes, I saved the settings. It has been more than a month and I yet to hear from Will try to phone them : ((