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1 extranet missing CVC information

I was charged relocation fee without my own fault.  And the customer service did not listen to my explanations.  Whenever I find the invalid credit card, I log on to extranet and report and monitor the credit card related matters.  In this case, the updated credit card information was missing CVC information.  So I cancelled the reservation using the button in the extranet and sent the message to the guest.  Later I found that our program Cloudbeds had the updated credit card information with CVC information.  Customer Service team charged me the relocation fee despite of my explanation.  How should I know that extranet does not provide CVC information if it was available in Cloudbeds.  I really need to raise this issue because lately the customer service response was very unreasonable.   

Cloudbeds' response was as follows

Thank you for your email, and I'm sorry that is has not been resolved yet. If I understand it correctly, your concern is about the CVC code not showing in your extranet, is this correct? Unfortunately, we won't be able to answer this question since you are trying to find this information on and not in our system. We are receiving the CVC/CVV from, therefore, it is visible in our system (given that your user profile has permission to view credit card details). If you are not able to view this information on, we won't be able to explain why. Sending the CVC/CVV to us doesn't mean that it will disappear from the channel's side. I believe this statement from (based on the email you forwarded) "The problem lies with Cloudbeds not providing you with the cvc number" does not explain why you cannot see the CVC/CVV on the extranet. I hope you understand that we have no control over how this information is being displayed in the channels. I'm sorry that this situation has brought confusion, and I hope this will be resolved from the channel's side soon. If you need further information from our side, we'll gladly cooperate. If you still wish to schedule a meeting/call with us, please send us your preferred date and time (on your time zone) so we can assign a coach to call you.

Alex Chang

Today I received the letter from the customer service team that relocation fee was finalized and I need to pay.  I reported this problem using inbox but no one replied to me yet.  I would like to know who I should contact to resolve this issue.

Alex Chang

Hello Sharonpowney,

Thank you for the reply. I already sent three mails 3 days ago using the extranet inbox without any response.  I called local numbers yesterday and talked to someone in Asia. She said she would raise the issue but I got another very long email this morning from saying the same thing. Basically it was my fault not knowing the setup and completely disregard our policy of having the valid credit card before guests' arrival. I will try to call again Vancouver office today.  Do you think it is still my fault not knowing the setup?