Booking.com is full of ***

So on top of about 95% of the bad credit cards I get a Booking.com guest is currently getting arrested for *** *** at my property right now.  Obviously we are kicking the *** out but there is no easy way to contact Booking.com cause they are a bunch of *** who only care about profits. *** ***





As terrible as that is, and clearly you are simply venting.


Edit that and remember you as only venting and remove the excessive obnoxious part.


There are 2 easy ways to contact BdC, not being impatient also helps.


By phone or message.


Remember this is Partner community not direct line to BdC support team.


Also phone numbers and team members differ by country or region.


Not all are equal. So be mindful of this before making such blanket generalisations.



Kind regard



Don Burns

This is another example of why hosts (like us) want to write online reviews of Booking,com guests after their departure.


What is booking .com doing on the issue of scrutinizing guests so that we may not take on criminals at households and be incriminated yet we are innocent