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7 Inbox - Guest Don't Know They Have An Inbox

About half of our guests do not know they have an inbox.

The inbox is very important. It is where we send directions, check-in details, coronavirus information, damage deposit information and so on. Yet half the guests don't know that they have an inbox.

If they phone us and ask for information, we tell them it's already in their inbox, but they don't know they have an inbox or how to find it. will not help them unless the guest phones Of course, if they don't know they have an inbox, they don't know that there's something they can't see, so don't know that they'll need to phone for help.

Many guests arrive, having got lost, because they haven't seen the directions that we send to their inbox.

Many guests don't pay their damage deposits and we have to phone to ask them to help the guest find their inbox to see that they have to pay the damage deposit and how to pay it.

Many guests arrive with a PIN code, which is something to do with, but nothing to do with us. The guests think the PIN code is the key safe code - it isn't.

We used to ask to edit "The Fine Print" in our descriptions to say "please check your inbox". "The Fine Print" is shown on the booking confirmation with PIN code that guests see. Guests were then aware that they have an inbox and were able to check and see the damage deposit information, the coronavirus information and the directions.

Recently, started refusing to add this simple piece of text to "The Fine Print". Now, many guests have problems.

Why do make things difficult for us and for guests? Why not just add that simple piece of text to "The Fine Print" to make guests aware of where to find the information they need?





Agreed its become a running joke at this stage, how so many cannot see the same page layout and footer content simply showing the same unified content.


E.g. contact us link is not visible for everyone on footer bottom section.


It was only a few months ago they changed compose message label , and the content on Contact Us page in a detrimental way, layout. More muddled, and badly written.


I could go on but I will leave it there.


Kind regards

Isle of Wight …

Today ..... 3 guest arrivals from .... 3 guests phoned us .....

1 - didn't know we had sent directions to his inbox and was lost

2 - didn't know we had sent directions to his inbox and was lost

3 - didn't read the messages we sent to her inbox so came unprepared

The messages we send to their inbox include essential safety information for coronavirus, along with directions and check-in information. It's very important that guests read these messages.

Isle of Wight …

Another 3 today, same thing, they didn't read the messages in their inboxes ..... 3 more families lost, on hot days, because they don't know that everything they need to know is right there in their inbox .....

And refuse to tell guests that they have an inbox .....



You'd think these utter bellends would have the cop on 2 days before going anywhere to make sure they have their ducks in a row. 

Look up how to get there; how to get in ;how to check-in etc...

Its just dumbfounding, how thick and lazy some people truly are.


./facepalm Reminds me of that BBC Old Tv show :   "Some mothers do have 'em "


Isle of Wight …

The thing is, most of them find their way "close" to where they need to be ..... so they're doing some work to find out how to get there .....

They have PIN code on their booking confirmation .... they think that's their key safe code ....

The one tiny little thing that would make everything much easier for guests and owners is for to tell guests to check their inboxes. Guests just don't know that they have inboxes with the information they need.

A couple of years ago, recommended that we request a change to The Fine Print (which shows up on the booking confirmation with the PIN code) to say "Guests should check their inbox for information". This helped a lot.

A few months ago, started refusing this tiny little change. Now, the majority of guests seem to get lost because they don't know that they have a inbox with all the info they need .....

So the real bellends are not the guests, they are for making things difficult for guests.