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Booking.com is making us pay for their error!


We are experiencing a double booking with 2 reservations made by booking.com for the same dates and apartment.

We already contacted the support (I believe in USA and Portugal). And today we received an email from the Portuguese support (a guy named Pedro L.) saying that we would have to pay the commission plus other expenses!

It's not our fault that booking system made a double booking on its own! What should we do?


About the double booking: - The booking.com system allowed 2 reservations to be made for the same day - I don't have a clue why this happened, but it's definitely due to a booking.com error.

2 reservations were affected: (I sent more details to booking suppport) 4 to 6 October 5 to 7 October

And unfortunately we don't have a spare apartment for the relocation of one of the guests in those dates. We can only receive 1 of these reservations.  

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M Adamopoulou

Dear Carlos welcome to the Partner Community and sorry to hear about your struggles.

Unfortunately, synchronization is not in real time.  Every time you have a reservation you have to double check your calendar and sync it manually.

Wish you luck.

1 year ago
Carlos Augusto…

We have API connection - we do not need to do that. Anyway, in this case both reservations are from booking.com...

1 year ago

Double check your calendar!

Make sure there has not been an errant "2" inserted on that date or any other.

Another thought is maybe a previously cancelled booking has been auto replaced after you have already reopened the date(s) or vice versa. This would also lead to 2 rooms being available on the given date(s).

1 year ago
Carlos Augusto…

So, finally we'll have to pay the commission for this double booking...

We are still not sure what happened, but Lodgify told us that they were having these API connection problems with properties that have Risk free program. Apparently Booking,com is sending them bad info and this creates double bookings in some cases... (Lodgify is working on this)

Again, we are not 100% sure if this was the problem, because booking.com support simply doesn't tell us what happened. But there is a good chance that this was the case. And obviously the one to pay is us...  -_-

We have already cancelled the Risk free program in all properties. If you have Lodgify and a API connection with booking.com we suggest you to do the same until they solve the problem.

1 year ago