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I recently completed a questionnaire about future projects being considered by

I am concerned that as time goes by becomes more and more complicated. With more and more offers all resulting in lower end prices for partners.

The latest is a proposal for Partners to offer 30% off for a given 24 hour period. This may help large hotels with massive staff wage bills and hundreds of empty rooms however for a small establishment like mine which constantly offers very competitive prices it is a disaster. is proposing to give the discounters a special pop up page  which will appear before the normal ranking. So someone like myself who prides himself on always being on page 1 on will lose out.

How do others feel about this?



Hi Grosvenor Place Chester


Its all apples and oranges at the end of the day, you are either using the promotion or not.


I would use the calendar list view for those dates and increase the normal rate say by 18+ % , then you apply forthat promotion, and the hit is then less for you 


Its all about thinking outside the box :)





Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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