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Brand hijacking

Hello all
Just to make you aware has started to duplicate hotel websites
When doing google searches , we noticed the below sites appearing at the top of google searches. None of the below are the hotel website. We decided to do a reservation, to findout who was behind this and surpise surprise the confirmation came from! 
Please see below info regarding this practice
Fake hotel booking sites
These sites imitate a legitimate site by using logos and images from the official hotel website without permission.
How to spot?
They will sometimes include the hotel name in the URL and answer the phone pretending to be from the hotel. Often they pay to be at the top of Google's search results.
Please check your websites. We are all working very hard to rebuild hospitality industry. It's is really frustating to see this happening.
We are happy to work in partnership with but copying hotel website to drive bookings is a shocking and very sad practice.



Some will be legit affiliate and menber s of the BdC Group network

24 Royal Terrace

Yes I understand working with affiliates but copying hotel website is a step to far.

Thank you for your comments


where is your listing link , its missing from profile?