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The Broken Calendar Sync - When Will Fix It?

So yet again, the calendar sync has failed and allowed another double booking. The problems with the calendar sync are well known - lots of hosts mention it in this community.

But when will accept that it's broken and fix it?

Why is tinkering with dozens of new ways for hosts / partners to discount, discount, discount, when such an important feature has been broken for years and needs fixing?

Account Adviso…

Hi Isle of Wight Vacations,


Please note that the free iCal calendar sync function does not sync in real time so individual reservations made on other platforms won’t sync immediately with your calendar, and vice versa. If you are after a more accurate calendar management tool, we would recommend looking into a channel manager. We have a list of great connectivity providers you can look through via the Account tab > Connectivity Provider.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.

Isle of Wight …

Oh boy .... stock nonsense reply .....

The original booking was made last year, so have had every opportunity to store the data - please don't give us the same nonsense reply that your support team give out every time this happens

Your calendar sync is broken and needs to be fixed



Lol I instantly realised that too the moment Shirley made the mistake of skim reading , and not for the first time.



Isle of Wight …

The reply from support (in out extranet) is nonsense too .... and to make it worse, they replied to a similar message to a similar problem from this time last year .....

Dear partner, Thank you for reaching out. Our sincere apologies for this. Since you're using the Sync calendar function, your bookings won't sync in real-time, so you'll have to sync your calendars manually. The sync function is refreshed 3 times a day, therefore, while waiting for the calendar to refresh, you need to close the dates manually on the platforms.  

The whole point of a calendar sync is to automate the manual blocking of dates. If recommend manual blocking, then why is there a calendar sync?

The comments about refreshing 3 times a day are nonsense. As the calendar sync refreshes 3 times a day, it's had 268 opportunities to pick up the first booking from AirBnB.

It's failed. It's broken. It needs to be fixed.

Isle of Wight …

For the love of all that's Holy .....

Dear partner, My name is Calyn and I am a Partner Service Specialist with Thank you for being a valued partner with us. We appreciate your partnership. We're happy to guide you through the steps to connect your calendar: How to connect your calendar This link might provide you with more information regarding the calendar sync and how it works. We understand how this situation can be frustrating and confusing and we apologize for any inconveniences this may be causing you.

I'm off to bang my head on a brick wall .....

Isle of Wight …

We see the double bookings / calendar sync problems again and again in this community. Only a tiny number of hosts / partners are in this community. This problem is widespread - far more widespread than we see in here. It must be fixed.

Isle of Wight …

It's now 10 days since I posted this, not a word from anyone at who might want to help, just one minion posting the normal nonsense.

This is a very important issue that affects a vast number of hosts and guests.

There are community managers in this community, who could pass this on to the developers and maybe, just maybe, will accept there is a problem and will fix it.

Does anyone anywhere know how to get in touch with someone at who might just be interested in fixing the problems in the systems?