Calendar synchronization

Hello fellow partners!!!

So many posts, so many comments, so many advices!!!

Can BDC  fully synchronize calendars so we can be 100% reassured that double bookings do not occur???

Lets start sending feedback through our Extranet inbox asking for calendar syncing 100%.

The more we send the better it is.


Quite right MA. There are so many bugs that seem to never get fixed.

Although this particular one does not effect me I have seen the many complaints on here about it.

Get vocal folks, hammer that nail home!

Ilaria - Commu…

Hi everyone, 

We have shared your feedback with the team that looks after that product. As soon as we have an update we'll share it with you. 

Have a nice day,


Ilaria - Commu…

Hi fluff  and M Adamopoulou

Thanks for reporting it through the extranet, it's the right channel.

Would you also make a detailed list of what doesn't work so I can share it with the product team?



M Adamopoulou

Hi Ilaria,

Synchronization is not in real time as mentioned in calendar...that means double bookings can occur.  It’s not always possible to be right on the spot and manually close rooms.....

In My calendar also some rooms although they are sold out from BDC they are marked as closed???  

Wish you a nice weekend.


Ilaria - Commu…

Hi all,

I received some feedback from the product team on the iCal features:

  • They confirmed that is not realtime, that is also communicated on the iCal official page. 
iCal sync
  • Make sure the iCal is synced bi-directionally: so both import and export.
  • The team is actively working on iCal and pushing updates while we speak. At the moment sync time is ~3 hours on average  

I'll keep you posted on future updates.

Have a nice day,


Joao Correia

I have had problems with BDC calendar sync with Airbnb - everything is set up correctly and this was confirmed with BDC support. However I still had 2 double bookings when BDC allowed bookings on dates blocked on the airbnb calendar. The reservations on airbnb were made months before the BDC ones and those same dates are correctly blocked in homeaway and tripadvisor calendars.

For both double bookings I asked BDC to sort the issue with their system and put things right with the customer, but very frustratingly, the answers I got were "there is nothing wrong with our calendar system" and "if you can't provide alternative accomodation for the customer BDC will find it and you can be charged for the price difference". 

It sounds to me that BDC are rewarding themselves for their incompetence and charging their partners for the errors generated by their systems.

I am trully appaled by the lack of support on this, especially given that BDC are the most expensive of the main platforms - this should mean premium service, but it the exact opposite!

M Adamopoulou

Hi Joao and welcome to the Partner Community.

So sorry to hear about your struggles.

Double bookings are awful...BDC sync is not in real time...this is a very difficult situation...

Maybe the more we complain about this issue the better chance we have that some day BDC will listen to us...

Hope you can convince BDC guests that there was a problem in platform and you are sorry that you cannot accommodate them and ask them to cancel their bookings...

Wish you all the best...