Calendar syncing - rooms blocked by Air bnb even when there are no bookings

Hi, I had synced my booking and my air b&B. I barely ever get any bookings with air b&B, yet i keep getting many dates on my rooms blocked (red) in the calendar with the note 'airb&b' on top. In other words, my calendar shows rooms are booked by airb&b even when there is no booking, so i always need to get back in the calendar and click on those 'red' dates so that they can become 'green' again. Is this clear as a question? does it happen to anyone? thanks!

M Adamopoulou

Hello Casa Nina and welcome to the forum.

In my calendar that doesnt happen. Maybe you should call your local booking.com office and ask them to check out if your calendar is up to date.

Wish you luck.


I find the synch works very well in the majority of cases. However, occasionally when I have blocked something on one and then unblocked it there seems to be a problem. Just change both systems at the same time to be available and then it sorts itself out.