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If I open my calendar it  says 

Oeps, er is iets misgegaan. Probeer de pagina te verversen.

Something went wrong. This now for three days.

When I go to my page it says 

Helaas, maar deze accommodatie accepteert op dit moment geen reserveringen op onze site. Geen zorgen, hier zijn meer dan genoeg andere nabijgelegen accommodaties.

This place can no be booked, 

Please correct 



Graham Henry Forbes 1 year ago

This seems to be a bit of a recurring problem. There a few reasons why the listing may not be available for booking:

1. Check, through Bulk Edit, right-hand column, for a minimum length of stay. Is it correct?

2. Make sure you have a price on your calendar, no price, no availability.

3. Check availability (open or closed).

4. Check that your 'promotions' are not blocking the accommodation availability.

5. If you use a Channel Manager, check that it is not this or another site is blocking/closing the availability.

Please try these measures first.


Maurits Guepin 1 year ago


Thank you for your advise. It turned out I had removed my rate plan. Everything is in order now.