Can holiday lets now accept bookings and open sole use holiday home properties

Following Boris Johnsons' speech last night and listening to Sunak.  It appears that you can drive to all parts of the country as long as you are with household members only.


Does this mean, that holiday homes can open for families who are all from the same household?


Some clarity from someone would be good as we have guests booked in for the end of May and they still want to come?


You need to follow the rules for your own country.  This is an international site so every country has different rules.  There must be a government website that you can give you more information.

Sharon Walters

Thanks for your response.  I did read the 60 pages that the Government put out, but have now had a response from our local MP who was able to answer clearly.  So, for everyone reading this, NO we cannot accept bookings or have families stay in holiday lets until at least the 4th July 2020, depending on whether or not we meet R targets.