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Can I change all the information of the owner if he hand over his business to me?

Dear Partner,

How to change the information of the owner if he hand over his business to me?

Currently the owner do not want to carry on this business and want me to take full charge of it. Could I change all the data, information, account bank and others info to me or I need to make a new account for this business?

Please help me as soon as possible.

Thank you.





Isle of Wight …

A friend of mine took over a property from another owner and managed to take over the account too. You and the current owner will both need to contact to make the necessary arrangements. It can take a long time. If the listing has a lot of good reviews, then it's worth keeping, otherwise, it's not worth bothering with - just do a new account.


Just as Isle of Wight …  said above. 

We made the mistake of transfering the existing account which took the best part of two years to shake off!

Helen de Castro

I was placed on Booking as an Individual Entrepreneur, by my son-in-law who was helping me get on Booking. But in fact it is a Company. I have tried to change but have not been able to, as my name and "Individuaol Entrepreneur" is blocked.

Please Help!!!

Thank you