Can non technical Guests use phone to contact Booking to leave a Stay Rating?


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Today I remembered I had an Irish guest , not quite elderly but did ring me ahead of arrival to confirm some info as he was not tech savy and did not even own a smart phone.  

He left happy more than 7 days ago, so I can only contact him directly by phone or SMS to remind him to leave a Rating .


It just got me thinking about how this type of guest who rarely uses technology or online would need assistance in order to complete the lifecycle of a booking. i.e. leaving a rating with or without feedback comments. Does this option exist if I direct the guest to call the irish BdC Customer Support line ?


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Dear Barry Reilly, in this case, you can direct the guest to our customer support in order to assist them.


We offer assistance by guiding the guest over the phone or via email on how to leave a review. We do understand that there are guests that are not tech-savvy or they experience difficulties leaving a review, but they were able to complete a reservation via our website in the first place.


Please note that we do not under any circumstances leave a review/score on behalf of the guest.


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Julia C

> they were able to complete a reservation via our website in the first place.

No, they are not able to complete a reservation but someone helped them to book. In many situations, the helper is not also available to assist them to leave a review. It is a very good idea, and that can increase the guest number, to let them to give a rating by a recorded phone call, added then in the system by booking.com staff, when the guest agree.

Great idea, Barry Reilly