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Cancel the guest's reservation failed

Hi all!

I had a guest's reservation from January 2020 for the dates 10-13th February 2020.  And on the date 03rd Feb, I selected the cancel option for this guest because I have been worried about Coronavirus, and also I closed a full February. However, the Mode of Pulse app from only has shown pending, finally, the guest arrived on my property to do check-in, I told him that my property has closed and let him see the pulse showing has been pending on cancel that I did more than a week, he finally realized and accepted to stay at his friend's house around here, I did not get any money from him but I have checked the status from that it seemly recognized the guest who did check-in successfully. Any help to let understand, thanks.

Another thing, is I want to pay the commission for booking, but I am finding the method of doing it. Anyone in Ho Chi Minh city knows it, let share with me. I would prefer to pay via Visa card of HSBC.

Thanks in advance