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Cancellation Policy options too few - need more time slots and % penalties !

The cancellation policy is very un-manageable and penalizes large rural properties such as mine. 

My guests usually reserve 60 days or more in advance, and can cancel for free  up to 31 days in advance.

When people book directly with me, if they cancel 30 days or less the penalty is currenty 25%, which people are often willing to risk in order  to book the place.

Your current option - 50% - is un-reasonable and I will never do well on booking due to your current cancellation policy options.

The cancellation date options are fine, but you need to ALSO have more options for penalties.


0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

This is just an option to add in the cancellation policy page.

As Promotions are constantly being added to and updated, why is it not possible to create a more flexible cancellation policy?

Thanking Partners for their feedback on this (and hopefully encouraging Booking to make this improvement).

Best, Sara

Venkatesh 1 year ago

Hello sara Fraser Matthews, I always wanted to highlight this issue and let the know the losses we had to bear with the NO SHOW or last minute cancellations by the guests. I had lost 20+ bookings in 3 months and these reservations are either a NO SHOW or cancelled by the guest on the same day. I hope the will consider our pleas and gives more options to the hosts in the NO SHOW, last minute cancellation reservations.