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Cancellation Policy! Why are bookers being allowed free cancellation up to 1 day before their booking when my policy states 14 days before?

My first good booking of 7 days next week has cancelled free of charge.  My policy states up to 14 days before and yet all of my bookings for this summer are being given up to 1 day before?  How can I change this?  My calendar is filling up with longer stays than usual and I cannot run the risk of them all pulling out...there just isn't the calendar fillers yet that there used to be!

Limelife Garde…

After looking and looking I think I may have the answer myself...although my cancellation policy states 14 days, I have now looked under "rate plan" and it was giving 1 day!  I have changed this to 14 days so I'm sure time will tell when I next get a booking (which I hope is sometime soon...!)