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Cancelling your account

Hello again guys ! 


I wanted to ask I have an unused booking account which I opened with the intention of using it of course. But as I couldnt make it active I just blocked all the months and I reopened another one which is active. I want to cancel the old one or deactivate but i cant and there is no way to do it, Booking even called me but I really cant understand the operator . Why is so difficult to deactivate the account???

michela cavalletti 2 years ago

Me too. I have the same problem, I want to cancel my account and I can't find a way to do it.  Please, advice how!  Thank you

VISBY INNERSTD 2 years ago


Me too, I also have the same problem. I do not have the apartment which is on Booking anymore. I would like to close the account. How do I do that??????