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Change of Ownership


Has anyone got experience with Change of Ownership on

We recently took over a business and still hasnt changed the data correctly or responded.

Its been more then 2 weeks and we are still "unbookable" and not shown on

Any feedback is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Leen van Gils



Yes, we did this and it was painless and very smooth. We had the login credentials from the previous owner and simply changed everything ourselves and then let BDC know.

The whole thing was sorted in several days.

B&B Villa Mañana

Thanks for your reply Fluff

We however, are still waiting, its been since the 21th of  October that we are unbookable and not shown in BDC, its now the 12th of November..

Its absurd, it seems nobody can help us or does know who is in charge for this.

Did you came across some error while changing your details?

Is there an email we can use to contact somebody in charge at BDC?



Do you have full access to extranet via the previous owners login credentials?

Have you edited all the contact details and bank credentials to yours?

I suspect maybe you have set up a new account instead of carrying on the old one. Is extranet prompting you for a verification code when you login? 

Disadvantage, takes time.

Advantage, clean account with no old reviews.