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Changing occupancy to 4 people - it's defaulting to 5


I have a family room with 1 bunk bed (sleeps 2) and a double bed (sleeps 2)

That is the standard way we sell the room.

But the occupancy is showing 4 adults and 1 child. 

Now that may be because a cot is available on request.

And we can provide a zbed on request.

But it is misleading. Please advise.

Thank you



M Adamopoulou

Hi! Michelle and welcome to the Partner Community.

In your Extranet under your Property tab is Property Layout...have you edited there your occupancy in addition to your Policies???

Wish you great guests.

Community Admin

Dear Michelle Mitchell! Thanks for posting in the Community!


In order to remove "+1" from your maximum room occupancy you will have to edit the section "Occupancy and supplement pricing" under "Children & extra beds" on the "Policies" page.


Best regards!