Choice of beds


I noticed with other accomodations that you can choose between 2 single beds and 1 queen. How do you set this up? I only see the option to add an extra bed but that will give me four beds :-)
I have 10 rooms with 2 single beds or 1 double. So I would like the bookers to have a choice.


Once you're logged in on your extranet, go to Property - Property Layout. Make sure you have the correct number of bedrooms and then you can edit each bed.


No that does not work?
I have :
Number of apartments (of this type): 10

Then at "Bed options" I can choose 2 twins or 1 queen. If I choose them both I have 4 beds...

Edit Cseri

I have been trying to do exactly the same setting (let guests choose between twin or queen bed setup) and keep on ending up with the same problem, 4 beds...


Buy default that was not an option for me. I only had the choice to put an extra bed so I ended up with 4 beds instead of 2 (two singles and one queen size :-)). I sent a message to Booking.com and now I indeed see "alternative arrangement"...