City-Wide (Essentially State-Wide) Mandatory Lockdown

Good afternoon,

Based out of Denver, CO, our property received a few bookings for arrival in two days. Today at five o’clock the City of Denver is heading into mandatory lock-down. Booking.com has agreed to full cancellation, I was hoping to hear from you fellow partners of your thoughts on what action should be taken. It’s all a bit nerve racking and it’s a tough spot to be in, any responses or suggestions would be great.

Best of health,

Gabriel K.





Based on what you have said. There is no further action.

Booking.com has agreed to full cancellation,

Kind Regards, Be Safe , be well



Aaltje B.

It is painful, Gabriel. 

Very painful for some 

Extremele painful for those who have multipal properties. 

Alternatively change to longterm renting?

Some countries could be locked down for 1.5 yrs in the worst case scenario. 

It's serious stuff and the world is changing. 

You can investigate and see where the need is. Put your creative thinking cap on. 

The answer is different to everyone . 


Wishing you wisdom and health   and healthy renters !! 



Aaltje B