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Cleaning/housekeeping frequency for entire home rentals

Hi all,

I am new to hosting my property (3 bedroom house - entire place) on and wasn't sure where/how to specify cleaning/housekeeping frequency. I plan to provide this service every 4th day to the guests who are staying 4 nights or more, but for the guests who stay 3 nights or less, provide a clean space with fresh linens at check-in and no service during their stay.

Could anyone please help me with this? 

Thank you. 

Clover Taylor


I have a self catering studio apartment and most bookings are for just 2 or 3 nights so it’s not a concern.

For longer stays I offer to change all the linens (bedding & towels) on day 7, but I only clean between lets. I have a friend who does the same with a holiday cottage and it’s never been an issue for either of us. 

My info pack says if a guest needs fresh linen they only have to ask. I have been running since Feb and never had a request. 

Hope that helps, 


Amisha Vasavada

Hello Clo, This is very helpful. Maybe, I should also consider this strategy, cleaning only between lets but giving guests an option to request for linen refresh service every 3 days or so. 

Thanks a lot for the helpful response. 

Best Regards. 


I was wondering similar, with my idea being simply stock up on bath towels in hot press next to shower in tub of bathroom. 

And I also have some decent brand bulk multipack of men & women shower gel, shampoo packs. 

As for cleaning if I cant do it weekly Thursdays then it gets done day they leave