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Closed / Not bookable

I have a profile in and done all related things to it . But still its status mentioned as not bookable/ closed

my email is *** id ***


Kindly help me

Leandri Klopper

Hey there,

Thanks for posting in the Partner Forum. 

When did you load your property? Remember the verification process can take a few weeks. So it won't be live immediately.

Best of luck and congrats on listing your property!

Ronia Mountain…

Dear Sir,

I Have same problem, 

Request fo Rumah Mutiara Homestay *** still close / not bookable.

This is same address with Rumah Mutiara *** but additional type of room.

If I have to choose only one. I will prefer to delete property *** from listing, and change with my new request fo Rumah Mutiara Homestay ***

my email ***


Community Admin

Hi Ronia Mountain Villa Lembang thank you for posting. There might be some reasons why your property is closed, for example:

- Rates and Availability is not loaded

- You have to insert you location verification code

- You need to check if in Home page you see: " Open my property to sales".

Excluded these cases, it might be the you need a further action/step do be done. Please check with our customer support in case you don't see further solution. Good luck!