Closed/Not bookable - Location verification pending - Please help escalate


Now for more than a week our property has been closed/not bookable due to pending location verification.

We did not receive the location confirmation letter and have contacted support many times already.

The support agents gave us mixed messages about how and when the ‘location verification’ team would contact us. Unfortunately the support team’s capabilities to escalate are very limited. 

We are still waiting for location verification and until then we are not able to receive any new bookings. Being just a small, one room B&B this has significant impact.

Is there anyone here that can help escalate this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


B&B Het Rapenburg




Hi Patricia,


Fantastic to see the property link is in profile, it greatly helps.


Sorry to hear, yes this has been known to happen and vary between countries/regions.


Did anyone you spoke to offer an alternative method? I have seen mention of video calling , so I assume they just organise to video call by email invite over something like webex, WhatsApp etc.. at the property in question.


Perhaps ring support one more time and see if you could do that.


The other option might be to ask @Community Team


Kind Regards



Patricia Houtman

Hi Barry,

Thank you for your kind response.


Yes support did mention an alternative method through video calling. They had forwarded this request to the location verification team but unfortunately we are now waiting almost two weeks for this team to contact us.


We did call support back a couple of times to check since one of the first support agents told us it would only take a few days for this team to contact us.


Apparently there is also no way to contact this team directly hence the request to escalate.


Thank you for your suggestion. Hopefully the Community Admin can help us here.


Kind regards,


Community Admin

Hi Patricia Houtman , thank you for writing in Community.

We can see that our colleagues already forward the request to the correct department but we also understand that it is frustrating being closed and waiting for them to contact you.

Unfortunately we don't have a time frame to give you, as the Team have their own procedures and agents on the first support line aren't aware of it.

As the issue was already escalated to the appropriate department, we kindly ask you to be patient and wait for them to call you.

We're sorry for any inconvenience. 


Patricia Houtman

Thank you kindly for your response.


It is indeed very frustrating. We choose to be listed on booking.com rather than other sites because of great reputation and professionalism. I’m currently starting to question this.


When we first created the property online and did not finish the listing we were called almost daily asking if we would need any help completing the configuration. Now it feels like we are stuck in a black hole.


It is unbelievable that there’s no insight into procedures and timelines of other departments and no means of contacting them directly. How long would this normally take? Days, weeks, months, we keep getting mixed messages. How is this possible in the current age where everything is digital...


Other similar posts in this community are not giving us a lot of confidence.


I hope we will be contacted soon!


Best regards,



Patricia Houtman

6 days later... and following multiple contacts to support, and a 2nd letter that was due to arrive last friday which we did not receive again.


We still have not been contacted by the location verification team! This is starting to become more than just frustrating. Waiting more than 2 weeks, is this normal?


Can someone please help us get our property verified and reopened urgently?! Who do we need to contact? Community Admin  




Community Admin

Patricia Houtman, we are very sorry to hear you are loosing trust in our Company due to it. 

As mentioned above, we don't have a real time frame, since it is depending on how much backlog our department currently have and their internal procedures.

Moreover, if the escalation was done multiple times by our agents, unfortunately we cannot speed up the process as it doesn't depend on the first contact anymore.

Again, we are very sorry for the troubles caused, and we hope that they will contact you as soon as possible.

Patricia Houtman

Community Admin We've now officially been closed/not bookable for 3 weeks and still we have not been contacted by the outbound (remote) location verification team...