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Closing account and property

Does anyone know how I can take my property off and close my account?


I also need to close my account? I am no longer running the cottage as a bnb and have permanent tenants, though I have notified the made bookings and close the calendar people that I have told to cancel have but the room gets booked again straight away?



I`m having the same problem.I`ll move to another country,and maybe,if i`m lucky i`ll sell the apartment meanwhile.As I CAN`T contact booking directly,I don`t know how to quite this contract and cancel all the reservation.

Does this means that i`ll have the account forever and will close the calendar ALL THE TIME for the rest of my life??


Ada Brown

does anyone know how to close account with if so can you please tell us?

Aaltje B.

Hi Ada Brown, Tzliks,Thefstncottage, Echevverymade and Pushpaabbie : I just googled your topic in google: how to remove my account and it is all there.

It had a recent update February 2019

Wishing you all the best.


Aaltje B.