Communication is key to a strong business relationship with booking.com

Booking.com needs to look at ways to improve communication.

when payment does not go through, the relevant businesses should be phoned.

they should not have to ring to chase or feel violated and raped and fear the loss of their home and business.

they should not have to wait for apologies or look to this forum for answers, they should be fully involved and updated. 

i felt totally let down bereft, neglected, rejected and left with no answers.

i thought booking.com had gone into receivership, i scoured the internet for information.

imagine one of our guests turning up and the place was dark and no one answered the phone or door. they had no one to contact or call for help!!

they were left standing at the door for 14 days then you answered the door!!!

what would you be thinking, what would be your reaction!! 




totally unrealistic, to do that for everyone.


as a partner we have to learn  the features of the extranet and how to monitor it . no one else will be doing it for us.