Conflicts of Interest

Booking.com have conflicts of interest.

According to Linkedin they employ people who are property acquisition managers.

My suspicions is that booking.com acquire accommodation properties from their own partners  - their partners - probably when they are run down with negative reviews and are not worth ,much, then pump them up through the booking.com system them sell them off at a premium.

  The guest review system also conflicted because the guest are not leaving honest and accurate reviews but rather leaving something negative to say, ie eg  love the place, but i dont like XYZ ,,,etc etc.

that is a conflicted review.




I have to ask what if any, facts have you got links to to back up this theory  on property being acquired by BdC?

And where, what country is it happening in?


As for the guest review system...amen, we all gave already ,said it all so let's not startup another thread on it and instead add to the existing 7 page plus topic , thanks.


Kind regards, merry xmas


Ian at Numurka…

I said LinkedIn professional website.


its a website for professionals.

world wide.

you look up the company name = booking.com

then look at the employees

then look at the employees job titles.

over to you Alfred Hitchcock (wink wink)