Confused about Multiple Apartments

I have six apartments that are all on the same property and same address with the exception of the Unit number A, B, C, D, etc.  They are all two bedroom apartments and I rent the entire apartment not individual rooms.  I want to make sure this syncs up with Airbnb which I have listed as individual listings.  

Should I create these as individual properties on BDC?  I was perplexed by the option to list as one property with multiple apartments because I couldn't find how to differentiate the individual Unit numbers.



Aaltje B.

One big tip for you: Ehab

When you find yourself a channel manager in your country, life will be a lot easier.

And about Airbnb: I have not included Airbnb into the package of the channel manager, since having more flexibility with pricing when separate and monitored manually.

I had a lot more bookings after reducing the price of Airbnb (since total for guest is higher because of Airbnb's system)

Using everything synced like BDC and Airbnb +, +, you have to go by the same price over all the platforms.

Guests compare prices and see your listing is cheaper on BDC and then they switch platform.

Now I don't have that anymore. It is about 50/50 now.

Yay :) And Airbnb people pay at the time of booking, your money guaranteed too.

Hope this helps you.


Aaltje B.


I agree with Aaltje, Ehab. You have to go for the channel manager. It gives you more flexibility.

So you can add all your apartments to CM as a ROOMS in one property and get them in one listing @ BDC. Same time, you can synс each of the apartments with a separate listing at Airbnb.

You can put different markup on BDC and Airbnb and achieve the same results as Aaltje did.

We are doing the same with our apartments - it's a 3 flats in one house, they are listed as one property at BDC and separately at Airbnb.

Hope it helps, and feel free to ask