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Confusion reigns supreme

Hi, we have been listed on Trip Advisor for some 15 years now and our page listing always linked to OTA's like Expedia, and Agoda. A couple of days ago I noticed none of the online travel agency links are there any more. It just says contact hotel directly. I find this unbelievable as we are listed with all the OTA's I have noted above. Has anybody else had this problem and if so, please can you advise how to rectify it? We are not subscribed to the business advantage programmed that Trip Advisor offers, however we have always had links so that clients once reading our reviews can just click directly and link to the OTA of their choice. I have tried with no success on Trip Advisor's help page to find the solution. 


I don't have any issues with my property on TA showing other OTA's offers.  Perhaps provide us with info of your property so that we can take a look. Maybe you looked at the dates that are not bookable or have a restrictions such as minimum stays..? 


Do you have an account manager on Contact him/her about this issue. 

To my knowledge,.. must setup the link to be working/showing on TripAdvisor.


Hi, thanks so much for your response. I have just spoken to our account manager and managed to resolve the issue


When an issue is resolved please be considerate and post what solved it, the root cause etc.

As only saying its solved is not constructive to others later reading this for similar help/issue.

Kind regards, happy new year


Hi Barry, Happy New Year to you. May 2020 be a good decade for us all!!!

We migrated to a new Word Press Theme for our website ( more liked by the Google Bots)  and our new webdesigner/SEO Manager had issues linking Trip Advisor to our new website before it went live. We ran it on a dummy account before migrating live. We have at https secure site and on the dummy site he was only using a http account. I assumed this might have had something to do with it. After chatting to our account Manager, it turned out I had a blond moment and the reason no OTA's werenot listed on our Trip Advisor page was that I was looking at it as a property owner and not a prospective client. Basically I had not put in accommodation availability dates on the top of the page for our town. The minute one does that all OTA's pull through. Not my "finest moment" in terms of intelligence. Thank you for the prompt responses, very much appreciated.

Katherine Swoboda

Hi Porcupine,  I'm a newbie to booking and have spent hours trying to navigate their site and still have questions.  You mentioned an "account manager".  How do you rank one and where can you find them?  I have looked everywhere that I could think of trying to find any type of live help.  

Thank you so much in advanced.  



Hi Katherine Swoboda


Best to start your own topic and state all questions concisely so we as partners can try to help otherwsie reach out to BdC support via Extranet, Inbox> messages., click on Contact Us to reveal the phone number.


Additionally its of benefit to add your property link to your partner profile so we can view it to help review and advise on related questions.


How-To :…


Kind Regards