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FAO Brookave & Sergei; I have clicked on every subject listed & can't get back to my original message stream.

Both of you are assuming that the overbookings are something to do with the syncing of calendars - it's not all the bookings both original & over were made by & else. I have just the apartment from 4th August to 11th & although a red line has appeared through those dates the 4th-8th is still showing 2 to sell - I only have one apartment - and 8th - 11th is showing 1 to sell. I followed all the instructions for closing my apartment but the box for changing options to sell says mixed & won't let me change it. Nothing either of you have said has offered any explanation for the lack of a reply to my 8 messages plus today's sent from Friday 10th to now. When I sent the first message, the receipt said "reply within one day" which is tantamount to a lie as far as I'm concerned.

Also, no possible reason given for the fact that they accepted a booking for a family of 5 when my maximum occupation quite clearly states 3.

I do appreciate that you are both trying to help but, unfortunately, seems able to & are evidently reluctant to do so.

Thanks anyway.