Coronavirus cancellations

Hi,  I am in Scotland and I have had nearly every guest that is booking into my self catering properties over the next 2 months contact me over the weekend requesting that I waive the cancellation fees on their booking.  I have some guests that are from countries that are subject to Force Circumstances but the policy only refers to properties in these countries and not travellers coming to the UK.  However, I am happy to work with these guests as they have all stated they would like to move their dates to later in the year.  The majority of these requested though are from guests within the UK who feel that I should give them a full refund because they don't want to travel.  As there is no Forced Circumstance in the UK I am sticking to my cancellation policy and not offering these guests a refund.  In one case I have a lady who is on a risk-free booking and so could have cancelled for free up to last Friday.  She is now demanding that gives her a refund 4 days before her arrival. 

Booking.com is asking us to be flexible which I am trying to do for those that are under travel restrictions but I can not afford to refund every guest because they decide they don't want to travel.  The financial responsibility should be on the guest and their travel insurer.

Am I being too strict?  I would like to hear how others are dealing with cancellation requests.







There is being flexible and then theres being naieve.

and it has to be both sides. Travel Insurance exists for a reason.


In general if accommodation booked is not part of a Package holiday booking the entitlement to a full refund, is a lot more restricted as its governed by the accommodation providers T &C , i.e. you , not OTA, not a 3rd party, you and only you.


The BdC FC is a guideline and nothing more, BdC of course dont see it that way.

BdC has todate yet to be as flexible themselves. PLenty of topics on it and the main one.


You are not being too strict imo.

Instead offer reschedule dates 


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Steven MacLennan

Barry, Yes I agree.  It is all very well for BdC to suggest that properties refund guests but it's not BdC that would have to cover the cost of this.


100% agree!!!


Although I am finding it increasingly difficult to stick to my guns when I offer 50% refund or change of date and basically told I have no care for people, just money and they will be leaving a bad review!


Not a single bit of them believes they should get travel insurance  especially as it is a non refundable booking!


i think I just have to roll with the punches a bit more! Thanks for the backup bdc!