Database of the ‘’Nightmare Guests’’?

I have been reading various posts on how to deal with, mildly put, ‘’difficult’’ guests and having just dealt with one myself, I discovered that many have said that booking.com sometimes takes a too impartial stand and protects the guests leaving hosts stressed and helpless.

Us, hosts shouldn’t feel that it is hopeless, instead there should be a ‘’non-grata’’ list, maybe even here, that’s right, here on this forum! a list of the guests whose bad reputation precedes them and we are aware of them and can get booking.com to refuse the booking or at least just so we can be aware of these people. Looking forward to your feedback. 




100% agree with your suggestion! Booking.com should seriously think about introducing at least the guests rating system.

For example, if Booking.com introduce a guests rating, the guests with rating less then 3 should lose all their bonuses and can't use discounts until their rating grows. Booking.com offers to the guests different discount programs, i.e. Genius discounts, 15 usd when booking with your friends reference, etc. And guests very often use these discounts, I also use when I book as a guest. Probably this could stop some of the difficult guests of inappropriate behavior.