Deleted non-refundable days/rates are still showing as non-refundable on the listing

Yesterday was a strange day as I just incidentally found that booking com had blocked my complete calendar stating that the rates were missing and needed completion. As the booking calendar is synced with other platforms all of my calendars were blocked. I then found a totally new calendar feature in front of me, had to fill in new rates and just when I was ready the old calendar came up again. 

But apart from that: I wanted to get rid of my non-refundable days by unclicking the corresponding box. On the calendar, everything showed the dates without the N, so it was okay. But when I go onto my listing as a guest there are still dates stating that the period of time requested is non-refundable. Is it the extranet or is it me? Anything I should do?



Hi Heike Kühne


First things first, are you using a 3rd party PMs/Channel Manager service?

Which one ?  link to their website please?


until we have clarity it very much sounds like a 3rd party issue and you should address it with them directly.



Kind Regards,



Heike Kühne

No, I am not using a channel manager. I do everything manual. 

Kind regards, Heike


Hi just seeing this now,


Se no CM and you claim t obe syncing to other OTAs, that tells me the BdC iCal  you are using is not syncing.


In fact is has not been working since 2019 correctly. Back in April 2020 it got worse where the ical file sent is empty.


It is important that you discontinue to use it as it is unreliable.

It does not act as sync master in any scenario.

Last time I saw someone mention it it was every 4-6 hours when it would sync.


Today it has never even auto sync on new booking.


Removing or disable a Rate Plan


If there are future bookings on a Rate Plan you can only close it off to new bookings until those future bookings occur.


Normally in past I had to do it this way and in mean time create a new Rate plan to replace it.




Using the Calendar List View you can then see and set the old plan inventory to 0 to prevent use.




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