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Departure time - leaving before agreed time.

Hi. We rent out a familyhome - and we have o good communication With Our guest. We arrange it as they like, and have it ready for ther arrival. Than we are in the hous, welcome them and show them all details. It wors just fine. BUT Whan they are supposed to leave, we want to meet them, see that all is fine, awoid misunderstanding and have a Nice talk - also what to improwe. For halve the guest it Works out fine, but for the last halve - they just leave - we ask about time of checkout, but get no answers for some. How can we make agreements so they have to answer, and give us the right time ? 

best regards André Jenssen 

Don Burns

Our house rules are in a picture frame and prominently displayed in our guests' common area, which includes our mandatory 11 a.m. check-out time.


I also have large clocks in each guest bedroom and the guests' TV lounge to remind them of the current time.  The clocks seem to work for us and our guests.


The difficulty is that the guest probably doesn't know exactly what time they will be leaving and as long as they leave before deadline that is fine for them.  I can understand you want to see them and check everything is fine but I don't think you can make them set a time.  If they have a long drive or a deadline for a flight they probably just want to get on with their journey.  Maybe leave a comments book/notepad so they can let you know if there is anything they need to let you know.

M Adamopoulou

The day before my guests leave I very politely ask them the time of their departure so I could say good bye.

Sometimes   it is very early in the morning but I insist...