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Desgin Request: Redo the Contact Us Page


Please change the Contact Us Page to look like this, using panes or table frames.


The current page is cluttered, vague and potential partners and registered partners are getting lost due to the lack of plain English and steps, and waffle, padding


Then add on top menu, right after Our Promise  > Contact Us to make it predominant, and  easy to see .

Lay them out as panes/boxes like a table of 2 columns.



How do I contact if I am a GUEST?


The Partner Hub is NOT for supporting Guests. Instead please visit the main  customer support website.




Public Access Options 


The list of regions and country  public phone numbers are here. If you are a registered partner with Full Extranet Access see below options instead.


Verified Partners with Extranet Full Access

Message or Call Partner Support

·         Extranet > Inbox > booking Messages

·         Click See Contact Options

·         Select Topic e.g. Account

·         Click Message or Call to reveal your private Partner Support number**.

**These phone lines are available to current partners of only, which is why we share them privately.


Unregistered Partners or partial access on Extranet 


If no access to the Extranet nor the Messages Inbox area. Use the Public Access main lines list here . Can also be used by registered Partners when unable to logon to Extranet, as an alternative method.


Partner Hub – Community


The Partner Community is a dedicated space for you to reach out to other partners, ask for advice and get tips that can help grow your business.

While Partners cannot assist directly with your account related issues, they can indicate a next step to try. They can advise on their experiences, workaround, How-Tos etc.

Remember they are volunteering to help you, steer you in the right direction, and help prevent delays for important and urgent queries.



Partner Hub - Partner Help & Solutions Section

The vast majority of How-To do x,y,z on the Extranet is covered by these sections.

It is important as a New Partner to start with the Getting Started section and then move on to the others to understand your options and How -to.


This is essential, mandatory reading if you wish to be successful. “Fail to prepare , then prepare to fail’  - Benjamin Franklin.




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BrookAve 1 year ago


It seems the Web Devs / content editors working on the Contact Us Page have now changed it... but not for the better. *Le Sigh* its almost as if they are not native English speakers and totally missing the point, and not being objective. Not seeing it from our perspective.


The crux of the original issue with it and still now is, is the page layout , and the wording.  


It partially only leading you in right direction, but does not cover it all, and the order of the info.





Contact Us link on the footer of every page now loads this:  

new contact us page as of feb 16 2021




  1. Move 'Get help from fellow partners' to the very bottom. Does not belong at top on a How to Contact BdC page ./facepalm. Really? wth were you thinking.  
  2. Same for 'Explore Partner Help' move down but above Get Help from Partners; Also add how the filters on search result on the right of the results page are important. i.e. Partner Help versus Community, give entirely different results.  
  3. Rename Call Us to 'Message or Call Us as a registered Partner'.  And position as section 1 in the order ,to encourage partners to use this first over the main public lines.  
  4. Add section Contact Us via Public Main Lines. Currently this list  is hidden/ buried in the right pane, under Contact Us > Where you can reach us. Partners and potential partners will generally never read the text on the right pane, they will expect it to be on the main content area ,and can easily miss this. Under this heading add a paragraph - "If you are not able to access the Registered Partner Extranet Private number, or are looking to get general help use one of our main lines, listed by city/country. In some cases where there is none in your city/country, choose one that is the next nearest , even it is a different country."  


example of bad english and misdirection:

To find a dedicated phone number to call, log in to the extranet, click on Inbox and then click on messages.


Instead that should have been written as :

To find your nearest dedicated Partner Support number or message us as a registered Partner:

  • Go to Extranet > Inbox > Booking Messages  
  • Click See Contact Options  
  • Select Topic e.g. Account  
  • Click Message or Call to reveal your private Partner Support number**.

**These phone lines are available to current partners of only, 


Literally could not be simpler !! and zero padding.

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