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When Booking.Com brought on board the DigitalDiary I found it like a breath of fresh air... I could book direct bookings onto the diary without risk of overbooking, "everything in one place", I could access my diary on Pulse away from the guest house which for me was a big plus... If we had an event on that brought in lots of singles or doubles I could move bookings around easily and maximize my rooms. Now Booking.Com are scrapping direct bookings, and removing the diary from Pulse so do I revert back to a paper diary to keep everything in order... well no I am now going to have to go down the freetobook route where once again all my bookings can sync together. On the positive side I am now tempted to contact other on line sellers after all I am led to believe everything will sync together and I can recommend returning guests who like to book on line and there are many who do... now use freetobook to do so and save me money. For the life of me I cannot understand Booking.coms logic in scrapping such a useful tool....

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BrookAve 2 years ago




Wait what Digital Diary? oh I see I never knew that was a thing must have been gone long ago before August 2019.

Yeah that does sound crazy, I'd love that feature.

I think I saw someone else ask about it last week too.


Honestly on the whole sync export thing you really cant trust iCAL to a calender only.


Only a Channel Manager service can access the API to do it in near real time.

Thanks for mentioning freetobook had not heard of that one, will review thank you.



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