Again very disappointed how bookings.com handles the reviews.
This concerns two guests who stayed with us recently.
When the guests arrive, we always give a drink and a brief explanation and tips about the island of Curacao, as well as with these guests, but they were very impatient and gave the answer "can we get to the point", very unfriendly, we thought late but we can not all are the same.
The next morning at breakfast the woman and cigarette lit up while other guests were still eating, we said it was better to go and smoke somewhere else that would not bother anyone else, she was deeply offended.
In the afternoon she came to us and asked if all (street lighting) could be turned off at night and we were again very surprised and let her know that we have no influence on it and when all the curtains are closed there is no light coming on. the rooms.
The next day the man came to us with the announcement that they wanted to check out earlier (they had reserved for 10 days).
We said he would lose the entire amount of the reservation which is also described in the booking conditions of bookings.com.
This person immediately contacted bookings.com and bookings.com called us to compose these guests and return part of the amount.
We lose and make a reservation and these guests indicated that they would rather sit in a friend's house and that the rest were satisfied with us.
We let these guests go and to our surprise they left a terrible review with just lies.
My question is "how is this possible? We are terribly angry and feel unable to do anything about it.
When we call bookings.com we get the call center and they answer that they can't help it and never get to speak to anyone who really knows anything about it at bookings.com.
When does bookings.com stand behind the people they work with and not give the power to idiots who can just write what they want from their lazy chair and someone else breaks their company.


I share your pain! I think when there are these sort of situations and a stay for some reason of another cut short or changed, then guest should not have the option to leave feedback. What is also unfortunate is that the starting point from bdc is that the host is in the wrong whilst clearly in this situation it was clearly a problem on behalf of the guest.