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Just wondered if anyone else out there has encountered's lack of partner support and their refusal to support their 'Partner' when they have been subjected to discrimination and vindictiveness. They quote their own 'rules', say they are there to help but ignore both and condone both discrimination and blatant lies by guests.....



Hi Lee,


Sorry hear , could you elaborate an example so its makes more sense to someone else reading this , pretty please.


It sounds like Guest did something , the nreported you, then you reported them and BdC support , gave canned responses.






Kind Regards



Consider linking your Property link into your partner profile as it helps other partners assist you, especially when starting out .


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Can't do much about conflicting reports from two or more parties on an issue.. "he said, she said".


Lee Clements

...but you can do something about discrimination printed in black and white....

pibomarco will most likely remove the review if it is insulting, threatning or discriminatory. If this was done "outside".. You can report a guest misconduct and mark that you do not want to host this guest anymore... and best just to move on. :)

Don Burns

Five months ago, I had a guest whom I knew would be difficult to please before she arrived.  She complained about several things during her one-night stay.


But this guest wrote in her Booking,com review she felt uncomfortable talking to me, as I am confined to a wheelchair from a near-fatal car accident two years earlier.


Booking,com would not delete that awful comment in the guest's review.


Would Booking,com delete a similar review remark, if I were not the same race and nationality as that guest?

Lee Clements

I sympathise with you - that is an appalling comment and quite clearly are in breach of their own stated rules:

We also remove comments if they go against our guidelines: * When the review includes abusive language, swearing, discriminatory remarks.....

Maybe their 'moles' on this hub might want to take note and act positively for their "partners" 

Lee Clements

All the venues that is... not who happily take their % regardless...

pibomarco (poor students) also must handle difficult guests AND difficult hosts on a daily basis. BDC happily take their %, but we also happily accept their bookings.