Disgusted by Booking.com *** Staff and *** Policies

The UK is still in lockdown and holiday accommodation must remain closed. We've cancelled or moved all bookings to early July as required. And then one booking slips through the net - which wouldn't have happened if Booking.com calendar sync actually worked.

We advised this guest (who had booked for work purposes with us twice before) that the accommodation is closed and they need to cancel the booking. They phoned us up. We advised them over the phone that if their work cannot be defered or subcontracted to a local company, they should arrange keyworker accommodation through the local tourist board (and other organisations).

Booking.com just sent us an email saying " If we don't have a response with an alternative accommodation within 30 minutes, Booking.com will find a similar alternative for the guest. Any additional costs resulting from this relocation may be invoiced to your property. "

Threats like this from Booking.com are disgusting and disgraceful. Booking.com need to smarten up their staff training and improve their service. This is simply not acceptable.



wow the cheek of them. And the fact of a 30 minute time limit too, that *** needs a *** and a formal warning from HR .


I'm pretty sure too that its the same office I talk to for IE & UK, and I always get the nice ones, though occassionally, one is extremely thick.


And the fact the UK support team should also be aware of local restrictions too. How can that *** expect a closed provider to find one that is open, when there is strict lockdown in place.


Sorry but thats is not ok. 






Isle of Wight …

Oh look, Booking.com community admins have edited my post to cover up their incompetence


and 3 of my Irish coloquial terms which they wouldnt even know what they mean.


shiizter   <<< I literally made that up  based on another Irish word.

headslap   <<< really? i think you need a swift headslapp too lad to waken ya up. lol.

eejit  >>> thats a cavan /monghan region word, which again you would never have heard before and similar to 'eegit' .

In Ireland there are about 20-30 different words for the same thing, depending on which of the 32 counties you are in.


Yet some how the moderator edited them without knowing them.

lol that made my day,


I reckon the person or persons who do this are not even native English speakers. so they wont get or know the local and national coloquial sayings.


[this is for educational use, you learn something new everyday - so do not edit]