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Disputing Unjustified Reviews

We have several reviews that we are confident are unfair, unjustifiable and/or the written review is positive but the numeric is very low, lowering rating score and dropping me in to a lower category.  Trying to reach someone at Booking that can actually address such matters is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING and, to this day, unsuccessful.  

I am PARTNER paying a 15% commission fee and have VERY LITTLE TO NO SAY on having my concerns addressed. says it values it’s partners but there has been no evidence in this particular case.   This has become so frustrating that I am considering REMOVING MY PROPERTY from Booking and fortifying my other channels and increasing my advertising to offset the removal.  I’d rather have peace of mind and redirect my efforts and energy in a more positive direction than trying to address matters with a company that seems to have roadblocks in place to discourage actual constructive action 

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BrookAve 2 years ago



We all have this issue. Theres really fek all you can do about unconstructive,  unrealistic and lazy ratings with optional feedback comments.


You could set your check out and check in auto messages to specify its important to manage realistic expectations and only leave constructive feedback comments if any.



Bdc will not do anything on this topic.



I recently opened a related topic where I wanted to chase those who didnt bother at all.


At the end of the day the real issue is some humans have no manners.


Reach out to guest within 7 days to offer humble pie, olive branch to encourage then to change comments. But dont rely on it being successful.


This issue will exist on any OTA review system.



When it happens to me and like you say it is blatantly unfair untrue, stick to quoting your house rules, terms and policies where it contradicts the guest in such a way to politely inform them of their:








Kind regards

Example: guest comments toilet seat not clean even though it was... simply say everything required including toilet roll to wipe was available next to the toilet etc.



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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hi Rustic Log Cabins thanks for posting you concern about this topic!

We are aware that guest reviews make a crucial role for Partners. Some of it can be tricky, or "hard to take" as sometimes guest's point of view doesn't match with Partner's one. As you might already have faced, we recently changed the way review score is calculated, after all the concerning feedback collected by Partners regarding fairness and accuracy of the overall system. All the very nice tips given by Barry Reilly, will surely help you to try to avoid these situations! Have a nice day!

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Don Burns 2 years ago

Because I am confined to a wheelchair, one guest wrote in her review she felt uncomfortable talking to me because of my handicap.


I felt that was a discrimatory remark.  But, Booking,com would not delete her remark on my review.

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BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi Don,

Wow, just when I think the muppets cant invent anything new I haven't seen, just wow.


Were they dressed as caveman,  dinosaur or medieval,  perhaps they fell through a mini black hole and ended up in 2019.


Talk about being out of touch with the times .


This is also ab example of unconstructive feedback. I make a point of telling them in all auto messages under check out info, that while I appreciate them taking a moment to leave a rating...only leave feedback comments that are constructive.


I eloquently reply to those who dont pointing out that it is not constructive and not relevant to the property,  and personal comments are not appreciated.


Bdc will not edit or delete guest comments .