Dissapointed of Staff of Booking.com (cancelation)

I recently had a cancelation from a guest who wasnt allowed to cancel, she requested a full cancelation without penalty. After I receive an Email that she canceled and when I check the booking she didnt get charged for it. 


She writes me a message that she didnt mean to cancel because now she has to pay all that monry and I tell her its not a problem, she can just talk to booking and undo her mistake.   

I call booking.com and receive the answer that I clicked and accepted this cancelation. I never clicked anything nor did I receive an Email about her request. Booking.com insists on this having been my error. The person on the phone first tells me writing „its not a problem“ was me accepting her cancelation and later tells me I clicked a button in broken german.  

What can I do now? 






At this point, if you can accept payment on arrival or have a prepay PoS or Virtual terminal to take payment via email/message or phone, then ideal directly with them.


Otherwise if cancelled fully, get them to rebook it online.



Kind Regards