Doppia prenotazione

Ho avuto doppia prenotazione nello stesso periodo, quando avevo già bloccato il periodo in booking. Ho scritto agli ospiti di cancellare la prenotazione ma non mi hanno ancora risposto. Cosa posso fare? Grazie a chi mi risponderà

Aaltje B.

Could you translate this question in English for us please. This forum only works in English and is read by hosts all over the world.

Thank you Waltermusesti


Sorry..good morning

I had double booking in the same period, when I had already blocked the booking period. I wrote to the guests to cancel the reservation but they still haven't answered me. What can I do? Thanks to those who will answer me


Contact the Help team at booking.com and ask them to try and make contact.

Alternatively try and call or text the phone number provided by the customer.

Also its helpful if you can do some research and try and find some other places they can stay. That way you are helping them when you give them the bad news.