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Double booking

I have a Townhouse which is let as a whole house, I have been with for many years. I received a booking from them for certain dates in September and they duly blocked my calendar. A few days ago I received another booking from for the same dates by another guest, I don't know how their Algorithm allowed that to happen, but anyway it was not my mistake so I was not too worried about it. I'm now being asked to re-locate the gate to another venue and I may be invoiced for additional fees, I have phoned them to explain their system double booked the Townhouse and was told they would phone back in 10 minutes, that was 24 hours ago...




There have been recent reports of this but it was very vague, 


are you only using BdC , or do you also have another such as Expedia/ agoda and have their calendar synced ?


If you only use BdC then yes it should be obvious to the BdC staff who said you have to relocate them, that they made a mistake and this is the responsibility of bdC only.


I wouldnt sit and wait for them to contact , you, keep after them. in fact detail it all in a message so it gets logged as a case, so they cant say , they were waiting for you to make contact again.



Communities Team   - please add this issue to the daily meeting

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Fremantle Townhouse

Thanks for your reply, all resolved now, apparently it was a network error, a bit frustrating in that I probably wasted a couple hours trying to resolve such a simple problem...